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Granite, one of the earths natural wonders. Created from molten rock, compacted by the weight of the earths crust, granite is one of the most spectacular displays of nature's beauty. For thousands of years mankind have been incorporating natural stone into their homes, and now you can do the same.

Unlike other work surface materials, granite because of its inherent toughness, is difficult to scratch, extremely hygienic and is virtually maintenance free, making it the not only the most practical but the most luxurious interior and exterior finish. While granite may be more expensive than some other materials, its longevity adds immeasurable value.

What is Granite?

Granite is a naturally occurring igneous stone found in various regions throughout the world. iIt is a tough composite of minerals, mica, quartz and feldspar, which together form the diverse and beautiful crystalline patterns one sees today. Granite is described as the perfect marriage of strength and beauty, which is found in no other rock. Its strength makes it the second hardest stone after diamonds.

The Versatility of Granite

After granite has been extracted, it is sawn into slabs of different thickness depending on the customer's specification. Using an alliance of the most modern equipment available and our skilled craftsman, we can offer an infinite range of products, which is only limited by your imagination. Splash backs, upstands and windowsills are usually supplied in 20mm or 30mm thick granite.

Important Facts to be Aware of Before Purchasing Granite

The following characteristics will appear in granite worktops and it is important you are aware of these and accept them before deciding whether granite is the right worktop for you.

Fissures and Pitts

During the natural formation process of the stone, marks are formed, i.e. fissures which are wrongly perceived to be cracks. Pitting is a characteristic of all natural stone surfaces where tiny holes the size of a pinhead appear in the surface of the stone.

Variation in Colour

Like any other natural product, the irregularities and variations in texture, colour and lustre of the stone should not be considered as defects as these are natural characteristics of stone, which gives it its own unique beauty and individuality. It is wise to view the granite slab before it is manufactured as variation from batch to batch is guaranteed. We want you to be totally happy with your new granite worktop. If, however, you feel uncomfortable with the prospect of irregularities appearing in your worktop, we recommend that you arrange with your supplier to visit our factory and view the granite before we cut your worktop. Our helpful staff will be delighted to show you our wide selection and the slab you choose will be the one we process for you. Otherwise, as samples are only representative we reserve the right to choose from the stock available to us at a given time.

It is important to know that the polish on a recess drainer may differ slightly in shade and appearance to that of the overall worktop. This is more obvious on some materials that have been pressure treated with a sealer during block production and it is virtually impossible to get an exact match between the recessed area & the rest of the worktop.

The area in front of the hob and sink are the weakest points of the countertops. Please ensure that no body stands on these areas to open windows/paint around this area etc. Granite tops will not accept any liability for damage caused by other trades people.

Pure black granite has become very popular in recent times. We must emphasis to those who seek perfection in life that this is extremely difficult to maintain because of its nature it shows the slightest imperfection. 

You must clean all spillages of liquid and food off of the worktop area as soon as possible. Leaving the area soiled can cause your granite countertop to stain.

All worktops are sealed before leaving our factory and are given a final coat of sealer once installation is finished.

Daily granite countertop care is as easy as cleaning any other worktops. Using a light detergent or washing up liquid in water can keep your counters sparkling clean.

Cleaners for stone worktops are also available from all major supermarkets. If you are unsure as to what cleaner is best to use, you can contact us in the office and we would be more than happy to advise what to use.

Steps to keeping your countertops looking great - Wipe up spills immediately - Use mild soap and water - Rinse thoroughly using tissue paper or a cloth. - Buff clean using a microfiber cloth.

Care & maintenance of your granite worktop

Natural stone requires a seal with sealing agent. This is done at the manufacturing and fitting stage. Sealing or impregnating prevents the counters from staining. Granite Tops are approved applicators of Stain Proof Orignial™ and it is the only sealant product we use. Stain Proof Orignial™ is an impregnating, invisible and breathable sealer that protects natural stone, from damage caused by waters, salts and oil based stains. It penetrates into the stone all other sealers only seal the surface of the stone. Treated on indoor surfaces it becomes easier to clean, maintain and keep looking good for long. However, routine cleaning and maintenance spray is required using washing up liquid or other non-acidic kitchen cleaners to keep your countertop in perfect condition.

Below is a list of do’s and don’ts for granite countertops:


  • Clean with a warm cloth and mildly soapy water
  • Wipe up all spills immediately especially citrus, vinegar, alcohol, coffee or oil.
  • Use worktop protectors or chopping boards for hot pots and pans


  • Use cleaners such as window cleaner and antibacterial sprays as they can leave the surface with a greasy residue which will show up marks with cups etc. Are place on the surface. 
  • Avoid contact with heavy duty chemicals and solvents like paint and furniture stripper, battery acid, degreasers, cillit bang etc.
  • Do not expose your worktop to excessive heat such as frying pans, saucepans etc..
  • The use of trivets and plastic / wooden chopping boards are strongly advised.
  • Do not cut directly on the worktop. We recommend the use of chopping boards.

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