Our Mason Quartz Collections

An image of a full slab of Mason Quartz Calacatta Gold An image of a full slab of Mason Quartz Calacatta Gold

Calacatta Gold

Imagine a spectacular Ancient Roman mansion adorned with Calacatta marble covering floors, walls and furniture, quarried from the Carrara region.  Now imagine your kitchen or bathroom covered in a perfect replica of Calacatta, but with a superior, more durable, easier to maintain quartz version.  This is the joy of quartz, an engineered stone created from one of the most abundant natural materials on the earth and high tech polymers.  Our designers have developed a product that not only looks like marble but also has the feel and texture of this luxurious stone.

Calacatta Gold allows you to produce a kitchen or bathroom that stands out for its exclusivity while maintaining the practical nature of these rooms.  Quartz is among the hardest and most resistant materials available even when compared to granite or marble.  Our quartz has a high colour intensity, an extraordinary brightness and the surface is suitable for daily cleaning with a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaning agent to keep it stain-free.

These attributes make quartz an ideal surface for kitchen worktops, restaurant countertops, bathroom shower units, covered baths or office reception desks. 

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