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Our Mason Quartz Evolved Range

Mason Quartz Evolved Colour Range

Lush and appealing, the dark and glossy finish of Vesuvius is an ornament to any home. The silky smooth surface of Vesuvius combines the sophisticated look of glossy granite with the practicality of Mason Quartz.

Our design team sourced their inspiration for this colour from Mount Vesuvius near Naples in Italy. This volcano is best known for erupting in AD 79 and covering the ancient Roman cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Opiontis and Stabiae. Centuries later this allowed archaeologists to uncover these cities and reveal the tastes and interior designs that flourished in Roman society.

We looked carefully at the beautiful greys in volcanic ash and visualised these in a quartz surface.  Vesuvius is the result and is part of Mason Quartz's Evolved range and is suitable for both a domestic setting or a commercial interior.

Mason Quartz Evolved Colour Range

The inspiration for this design and colour comes from the weathered stone walls of the walled garden at Ashford Castle at Cong, County Mayo, Ireland.  As stone experts, we always strive to develop natural colours taken from our surroundings and there is an adundance of karst landscapes in this beautiful green island.  

This type of landscape is formed when water dissolves and erodes soft rock like limestone and leaves behind fascinating natural wonders like the Ailwee Cave at Ballycahill, Ballyvaughan, County Clare and the tall, steep rock faces of the cliffs of Moher near Lahinch, County Clare.

The rock itself may be worn away from the surface by rainwater, or it may be eroded from the inside.  This interaction between stone and rain creates unique patterns and Ashford Grey is our understanding of this natural process brought into a quartz surface for your kitchen worktop.

Mason Quartz Evolved Colour Range

The Ancient Romans were among the most formidable architects and engineers of all time and their buildings remain standing to this day.  They sourced strong durable materials like marble quarried from Carrara.  At Mason Quartz, we have a mission to continue this tradition of creating long lasting and timeless quartz surfaces in the same vein as the builders of the Pantheon in Rome.  This temple has stood in the heart of this city since 126 AD and is adorned with the beautiful blue grey and white slabs of Carrara marble.

Our design team felt a deep need to produce a quartz surface that mirrors this famous classical marble, with thin and thick veins on a white and blue-grey background.  The result is a perfect worktop surface for any kitchen or bathroom.  This colour is also suitable for commercial restaurants settings and will stand the test of time in terms of both design and material.

If the Ancient Romans had the technology to engineer quartz, they would have used it.  A quartz surface has huge advantages from low maintenance to high flexural strength.

Mason Quartz Evolved Colour Range

Once again we look to Italy for our inspiration and the great marble quarries at Carrara.  Both Calacatta and Carrara marble is quarried in the same region and this leads to some confusion among the various marble types.  At Mason Quartz, we wanted to develop a set of Calacatta variations, with heavy non-linear patterns covering our slabs.

All our Calacatta Bold quartz has a timeless classic look and is ideal for residential and commercial worktops and our engineers have made our quartz feel like marble and a quartz worktop has many advantages over its marble counterpart. 

Quartz is among the hardest and most resistant naturally occurring materials on earth.  Our quartz has a vibrancy and colour intensity second to none and it requires no special maintenance other than a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaning agent to keep it in perfect condition for many years to come. 

Mason Quartz Evolved Colour Range

Since Ancient Roman times the quarries in the Carrara region have been providing the most elegant and distinguished marbles.  Among the most notable marble types is Calacatta famed for the rich heavy veins coursing across a pure white background. And here is a version of those famous stones transformed into a timeless quartz worktop, ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, restaurant countertops and many other commercial applications. Our designers have worked hard to make our quartz look and feel like marble, yet quartz is much more versatile, easy to maintain, resistant to stains and has great flexural strength, the perfect union of natural materials and synthethic polymers.

By chosing a Mason Quartz worktop you are able to transform your kitchen or bathroom into a unique and exclusive environment like the Ancient Roman domiciles, that are still visible today across the Italian peninsula.

Mason Quartz Evolved Colour Range

Imagine a spectacular Ancient Roman mansion adorned with Calacatta marble covering floors, walls and furniture, quarried from the Carrara region.  Now imagine your kitchen or bathroom covered in a perfect replica of Calacatta, but with a superior, more durable, easier to maintain quartz version.  This is the joy of quartz, an engineered stone created from one of the most abundant natural materials on the earth and high tech polymers.  Our designers have developed a product that not only looks like marble but also has the feel and texture of this luxurious stone.

Calacatta Gold allows you to produce a kitchen or bathroom that stands out for its exclusivity while maintaining the practical nature of these rooms.  Quartz is among the hardest and most resistant materials available even when compared to granite or marble.  Our quartz has a high colour intensity, an extraordinary brightness and the surface is suitable for dailing cleaning with a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaning agent to keep it stain-free.

These attributes make quartz an ideal surface for kithcen worktops, restaurant countertops, bathroom shower units, covered baths or office reception desks. 

Mason Quartz Evolved Colour Range

Statuario is one the most precious marble varieties found in Italy and is the primary source of inspiration for our Mason Quartz version of Statuario. We have replicated the distinctive grey veining that mirrors a meandering river running diagonally across the slab.  It is a luxurious pattern and is a perfect fit for both kitchen worktops, backsplashes or in a bathroom setting.

Mason Quartz Evolved Colour Range

Mason Quartz Evolved Colour Range

Mason Quartz Evolved Colour Range

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